We understand the importance of local

At SimpleOpinions, our focus centers around our clients and their needs. In order to most effectively service our clients, we listen to your needs and will then recommend the best methodology and approach so you can get the most actionable results possible. We also pride ourselves on telling the story based on the results to everyone from ownership, executive management and those who are trusted to implement key strategies on a day-to-day basis. We pride ourselves on our ability to tell the appropriate story to the appropriate audience in a manner that presents the results in a clear and digestible manner.

Our research toolbox allows us to choose from a variety of methodologies and platforms to best maximize your research commitment. Factors we consider as we make our recommendation for each project include:

  • Platform to be studied (On-air including specific dayparts, digital, social, etc.)
  • Required ethnicity quotas
  • Geographic needs
  • Program diagnostics vs. brand audits
  • Qualitative vs. Quantitative studies (or a combination of both)

After these decisions are made, we can choose from any number of project options, including:

  • Online dials tests for programs or segments
  • In-person dial tests followed by focus groups for specific programs or segments
  • In-home ethnographies
  • Daypart specific diagnostics
  • Specific audience segment focus
  • Alternate platform consumers
  • Mobile consumers
  • Website and App usability testing
  • App experience testing
  • Smaller living room focus groups
  • A “day in the life” where consumers identify what factors influence their decisions at the point of purchase. These projects can measure anything from brand awareness to consumption patterns to digital and social usage.
  • Talent studies
  • Brand studies
  • Stream efficiencies using data clients are already purchasing and moving the results to easier-to-consume digital dashboards
  • Push alert effectiveness and appetites

You tell us your needs and we will find what works for you! At Simple Opinions, client needs are our top priority.