"Simplicity does not precede complexity, but follows it."

Alan Perlis

Advanced survey tools at your fingertips.
The way surveys should be!

SimpleOpinions® has all the features you need for a successful survey, regardless if it is simple or complex, bringing the online survey, fielding management, and reporting options all together for our clients, resulting in time savings and less worry.

Since we are the software developers and builders of the platform, customer service is quick, so whether you are programming yourself, or going full service, SimpleOpinions® offers support for programming, field management, sample procurement, and project strategy. Many of our features are listed below. Send us a note, or give us a call, and let’s talk! Our goal is for your project to be successful.

Programming is easy for multiple methodology projects of any combination of online, mobile, telephone, intercepts, etc., resulting in a single reporting tool during fielding of the overall project and a single data set (no need to merge data sets). Additionally, you can have as many different pools of sample sources of respondents and the data collection will remain easy and well organized – utilizing such groups as customer lists, web intercepts, random sample, location intercepts, etc. and everything can be programmed with ease on the SimpleOpinions® platform.

The research industry feels roughly one-third (30-35%), and perhaps higher for the younger segments, are opening surveys with a mobile device, thus we are challenged to engage respondents with mobile friendly surveys. SimpleOpinions® can offer fully mobile friendly surveys so respondents can participate and complete surveys anywhere they want, any time it is convenient, and on the device they are on at that moment.

Respondents within the SimpleOpinions platform are automatically “device” identified and the survey will function accordingly per the device the respondent has connected with, resulting in a successful interview and helping your study to be successful.

Use the SimpleOpinions® question library to help save time and create more engaging surveys for respondents offering their opinions. The result will be quality data. And, you can always add questions along the way and save them for yourself for future use.

  • Drag N Drop
  • Card Sort
  • Dial Test Tool
  • Rank Order
  • Scale Ranking
  • Demographic
  • Classification
  • And more…

SimpleOpinions® offers real time field management and reporting so you always know how your project is running and how the results look. In fact, you can export charts and graphs straight out of the tool and into your report, saving you time and allowing you to build a better report for your client.

For surveys being sent to your customer lists, let SimpleOpinions® utilize the automatic incentive feature, so respondents receive their “thank you” incentive at the very moment they complete the survey. Save time and expedite the distribution of incentives within the functionality of the survey tool.

SimpleOpinions® has global experience and can program surveys utilizing multiple languages so your International projects are easy to facilitate and field.

Share your survey with us to discuss ways to help make sure respondents are paying attention, reading the questions, and thus clean out speeders/cheaters while fielding and avoid delays after closing field.

Remember, we are here for you and willing to share our research experience so your project is a success. Send us an email or give us a call, and let’s talk!