Q. How much does a survey cost?

A. Our Free & Simple service is just like the name suggests – FREE. If you find yourself limited by questions or respondents, you can always upgrade to full feature “Pro-Tier”. Pro-Tier is just $0.50/survey. If your survey contains videos that you would like us to host or make available via CDN (streaming Content Delivery Network), click here to get costs for multiple delivery options.

Q. How much does it cost if I want SimpleOpinions to program my survey?

A. We provide cost estimates quickly, all we need is some basic information to know what you need. You can provide us information online or schedule an appointment with a project manager who can answer all your questions.

Q. How do I close my survey when I have collected all the responses I want?

A. You have several options:

  1. You can log into your account and close or temporarily suspend any open surveys at any time. You could also do the same from a mobile device (Android/Apple) using our App SimpleStats.
  2. You can set your targets/quota during the setup phase. This allows you to micro-manage your respondent by various categories/segments. This also allows you to collect a specific number of surveys in each and every segment.

Q. How can I extract my final data?

A. When you host survey(s) with SimpleOpinions, you get access to SeeYourData that allows you to download survey data in text delimited, text fixed width, SPSS, CSV or Excel format.

Q. I have a survey that’s going to run for long period. How can I get regular or daily updates?

A. You can select an alert/update criteria based on survey stats or based on one or a combination of survey questions. Based on your selection you would get an email with the information you configured on a pre-determined schedule or when your condition becomes “true”. Please note we can’t send information that falls under “Personally Identifiable Information” (PII) via standard email.

Q. I like to monitor my surveys as they are coming in. Is that possible?

A. SeeYourData is a suite of research/analysis tools that you get free access to from the time you start a survey and up to a month after your survey closes. WebTools will always show the most current data for your survey.

You could also use our app SimpleStats on your mobile device (Android/Apple) to keep an eye on targets/quotas.

Q. I am always setting up the same data queries to check my data on WebTools. Can I save my data queries?

A. Absolutely! You can save as many as 200+ unique queries per login per survey. However data queries are specific to each user ID. You can always request additional login ID’s for your clients/coworkers.

Q. My survey has videos and I am seeing a noticeable dropout rate at the screen with the video clip. What is going on?

A. Respondent drop out at videos could happens for multiple reasons. Two prominent reasons are

  1. Videos are long and a respondent is simply not willing to sit through the video. This can sometimes be mitigated by providing incentives. See our incentive guidelines.
  2. Video buffering issue – Video buffering is taking too long and causing respondents to drop out. More than likely buffering is a result of geographical separation between respondents and the servers feeding the video stream. In these type of cases it is best to use our CDN (content delivery network) service to host video. Using CDN will assure a short buffering rate for any respondent anywhere in North America. CDN services are reasonably priced and worth every penny when you have a diverse respondent base that needs to view videos.

Q. How do I know respondents actually watch a video?

A. You have certain tools at your disposal when you configure your video that allow you multiple options ranging from lenient to very strict. These ensure respondents are watching videos before proceeding to the next set of questions. We can also provide survey matrices that can help identify respondents with certain response patterns.

Q. Who sends the emails?

A. It depends. If you have pool of respondents that you would like to invite to fill out surveys, you would be responsible for sending emails. We will provide you with the URL to email to your respondents. If you are procuring your sample audience from SimpleOpinions we would use our email vendor to send out emails. Please note: DO NOT send emails to respondents you don’t know or don’t have permission to contact. Sending unsolicited emails can get your domain and/or your IP address black listed with ISPs and various black list services. Read our email sending guidelines.

Q. How much does it cost to buy a sample audience?

A. This depends upon the type of respondents you are targeting. Highly selective group of respondents are more expensive. A standard demographic is easy to obtain and relatively inexpensive. Cost is always quoted per completed survey although many other factors determine what that cost is. For a firm price, request a customized quote.

Q. I programmed a survey a few months ago. Now I need to launch another very similar survey with just few minor edits. Is there a way for me to copy the previous survey?

A. Yes, it may be possible depending upon how long ago it was. Login to your account and send a request to the project manager to retrieve an archived survey. If there were more than one surveys, send the project# or other indicators to distinguish which one you need. If it is still available the Project Manager will send you the required instructions to gain access.

Q. What Android/iOS versions are supported on mobile app SimpleStats?

A. At present Android version of SimpleStats is supported on 5.0 or newer. The oldest iOS version currently supported is 9.1.

Q. How do I download mobile app SimpleStats?

A. On bottom of this page there are links to GooglePlay and AppStore. Using your mobile device click on the appropriate link to download the app. You could also do the same by going to GooglePlay/AppStore on your mobile device and search for “SimpleStats”.

Q. Do you have a privacy policy? How do I know my data is secure?

A. The data we capture and store can be categorized in two broad categories – Generic and Personally Identifiable Information commonly referred to as “PII”. Generic data is information that can’t be used to identify an individual. For example, your choice of a soda drink flavor will make you one of millions and can’t be used to identify you. Name, email etc are considered PII. This is the most important piece of information and is typically the target of identity thieves. This information is stored using AES encryption. What is AES and to learn more about our data safeguarding processes, please see our “Privacy Policy“.