Limited Geography / Market Specific / Footprint Design

There are different names for these projects, as some call them Limited Geography or Market Specific, and some might say Geographically Specific or a Footprint Design.

We have extensive experience facilitating various projects utilizing a specific geographical approach, such as a DMA market, a city, a county, a pool of Zip Codes, a State, or simply a footprint design comprised of all these various definitions. Some projects consist of a single geography while other projects have multiple geographical set-ups. So, whether it’s one market or numerous, we can help you with great confidence.

We are used to working on projects that are ethnic specific as well, such as Hispanics and African Americans:

  • Hispanics (acculturated and unacculturated) within a single GEO or across various DMA markets and/or geographic regions.
  • African Americans within a DMA market with quotas per county, or within a city, and even across multiple geographies.

We have experience working in a wide range of industries:

  • Banking by region or by state.
  • Cable/Satellite TV utilizing a specific footprint, or market specific.
  • Sports that comprise a league or conference.
  • Sports Channels across regions or DMA’s.
  • Local News is DMA based with lots of demographic quotas.
  • Radio can be DMA based with lots of demographic quotas.
  • Ad Awareness studies sometimes have GEO specific designs.
  • Retail projects utilizing a specific footprint, or market specific.

All these various projects can be conducted online, or utilizing a combination (multiple methodological approach) consisting of online, mobile, telephone, intercept, and recruit to survey, and we can discuss which would be appropriate and best for your project. Whether the geography is large or small (or even tiny), contact us and let’s talk about your project and create a strategy for your project to be a success.