Query Data – Step-by-Step

  1. Click the “Survey Options” arrow next to the survey on the home screen
  2. Click “Enable DataTools”
  3. Click “DataTools” on the toolbar
  4. Hover over “Projects” and select the correct survey
  5. Click the “Questions” bar, then the “All Questions” bar
  6. Select the question(s) you’d like to see data for
  7. Click “Get Data” on the toolbar

Query Add Filter – Step-by-Step

  1. Hover over “Filters” on the toolbar and select “Create New Filter”
  2. Give filter a name and description
  3. Select filter type, field you’d like to filter by, and value you’d like to filter by
  4. Click “Save & Close”
  5. Click the “Filters” button on the left panel
  6. Select the new filter
  7. Hover over the filters header on the side panel, and click “Apply Filter”